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Witnessing the preventable suffering and death of humans and animals around the world sparked a fire and from it, the JW Humanity Foundation was born. Our goal is to provide support to worthy causes and to aid in the prevention of suffering in whatever way, shape or beautifully-designed form possible. Proceeds from limited edition products will go towards saving lives. You can make a difference and save the life of a child or an animal.

Judith Wilson

Make a difference 

Lend a helping hand

Judith Wilson aims to support underfunded organizations that provide care and aid to those in desperate need. Every effort is made by the foundation to support organizations worldwide in their attempts to provide relief and transform the lives of women, children and animals facing hardship.

Whether these hardships take the shape of trafficking, child labor or severe poverty and hunger, the fund aims to assist in helping sufferers to regain a chance at a better life.

The foundation is dedicated to applying its efforts to help partner organizations increase their capacity and strengthening their ability to provide help to those in need.

With your help, these philanthropic efforts could result in children and animals being homed, fed and cared for, children going to school instead of to work; children protected from HIV and the bonds of slavery, and children and animals receiving the lives they deserve.

Bee Purse-1

Limited Edition Honey Bee Bag

Proceeds from our luxury Judith Wilson limited edition "Oh, Honey!" Honey Bee Handbags go directly towards research and programs that are focused on helping the honey bee population recover and thrive. Make a statement and know that you've also done your part to save this precious endangered species. 

This is a very limited edition item.

I Want a Limited Edition Bee Bag!
Judith Wilson

Make a difference.