What is Lagom & How Can You Integrate it Into Architecture & Design?

Lagom is the new hygge when it comes to Scandinavian inspired interiors and, ever since Vogue proclaimed this last year, the concept has been showing up in buildings and interior themes in abundance. But what is Lagom and how can you embrace it with your projects?

Not Too Little, Not Too Much

Veterans of home remodeling projects will notice the key concept of the Swedish term Lagom – not too little, not too much – is one oft seemingly embraced in the designs of minimalistic contemporary visionaries. Get it right and your project can transform into a building into a classic space that will appear timeless while simultaneously relinquishing the feeling of stress.

flowing lines architecture extrerior

Not Just Minimalism Reborn

So, what’s the difference between minimalism and Lagom? The truth of the matter is, Lagom is considered by some to be a form of minimalism. But where some forms of minimalism traditionally have a focus on the sleek sophistication of the art deco period or bold colors coupled with the absence of color at all, Lagom is more specifically focuses on balance, lifestyle and sustainability. Lagom is all about moderation, and a sense of balance. 

Think finding a sweet spot between doing and contemplating – a serene moment where everything is in balance. Lagom isn’t just something you place in your home and forget about. It should be a way of living and a colorful splash of the serene into life that reveals your path to happiness. Lagom pushes back against the Western mentality of ‘go big or go home’ instead championing that less is more when it comes to our homes, our minds, and our hearts.

What Lagom Interiors Look Like

Often you will be able to recognize the distinctive features of Lagom in more natural palettes – greens, whites and browns that hint at the outside world. More overt designers and architects may endeavor to bring the outdoors inside, working with construction specialists to create a space that feels as if it were born from nature and is in perfect harmony.

Lagom and bringing nature indoors

“In a chaotic, modern world, this all feels like a breath of fresh air.” Anna Brones, Live Lagom: Balanced Living, the Swedish Way

How to Incorporate Lagom Into Your Project

At the very heart of Lagom is the ability to be present and within a moment. There are many ways you can engender this within any construction project. Here are a few examples of ways Lagom can be embraced from the very start:

  • Find a balance between form and function in your project. The ideal building will marry aesthetics with convenience. Structures that challenge the status quo and innovate are often attractive to our clients, but keep in mind that once a building becomes a home the practicality of these features comes into question. 
  • Decluttering by design. Hand-in-hand with the above, a well-designed building that meets the needs of its occupants should require less items. Lagom is all about the serene. If a building suits its purpose and looks great, your clients can say goodbye to those pieces that exist simply for the purpose of existing and do more with less.
  • Bring the outside inside. Bold architectural thinkers will recognize that there are a multitude of ways to welcome nature into any building. From entirely open rooms that flow into outside spaces through the use of disappearing walls to entryway waterfalls designed to embrace the musicality and movement of water; from living walls, ceilings, and indeed furniture, embracing the earthy scents of the forest to spectacular skylights that hail the heavens. The unique ways any architect and interior designer welcome nature into a building is only limited by their imagination. 

Skylight mirrors architecture embracing nature

Capturing the Essence of Lagom

Interiors that embrace Lagom need not disappoint when it comes to grandeur – one can take what they need from this approach and embrace it within their own requirements. It’s important not to forget that nature is one of the oldest and grandest designs in the world. Taking inspiration from the natural world can easily lend itself to spectacular building projects.

staircase nature building

While more traditional interpretations of Lagom have an earthy essence, other interpretations may seek a more luxurious look by embracing ideas of serenity and nature to create an ethereal interior designed to impress.

Capturing Your Essence in An Interior

When it comes to creating a space worthy of your project that feels serene, choosing to hire an interior designer can eliminate stress and allow you to explore all of your options. From the latest in Lagom to timeless luxury pieces that create an idyllic interior.

Breathe life into your interiors by partnering with a designer who understands the essence of you and can translate this into a space that effortlessly blends serenity with the sublime.

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