Why do great architects hire interior designers?

Interior design is the art and science of understanding people’s behavior to create functional living spaces, but it’s not limited to simply fixtures and furnishings. Many architects I work with testify that they much prefer having an interior architectural designer on hand. The reason is simple, we see the bigger picture and can help balance a client’s distinct aspirations, functional needs and budget. From blueprints to bespoke furnishings, we ensure that every detail is curated to bring unique living spaces to life.

What is Lagom & How Can You Integrate it Into Architecture & Design?

Lagom is the new hygge when it comes to Scandinavian inspired interiors and, ever since Vogue proclaimed this last year, the concept has been showing up in buildings and interior themes in abundance. But what is Lagom and how can you embrace it with your projects?

Will Paint for Mood: the Mind Effects of Color

“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” ~Oscar Wilde

Have you ever experienced a feeling of calm when entering a blue-colored room? Or felt anxious in an overwhelmingly red space? Do you feel more productive in certain rooms of your house than others? According to certain scientific studies – what color you paint your walls could influence how you feel in that specific room.

The Judith Wilson Do's and Don'ts of Beachfront Home Design and Decor

Your beach home is a tranquil retreat, a home away from home, that you can entertain and relax in. It's also a space for entertaining guests, so you want to make sure it's inviting and has full amenities. Too often, we see beach homes go overboard on sea shells and starfish and instead of capturing the essence of tranquility, they're abrasively tacky. To make sure your island vacation home is beachy, yet still classy, here's a list of our beach house decoration tips. 

From fire to fabulous - The art of glass

Throughout history, stained glass art has featured strong biblical themes and been strongly associated with religion. For centuries beautiful stained glass art pieces were confined to the interiors of churches, mosques, and other religious buildings to be enjoyed by only a select few, once or twice a week. It's only in recent years that the art of glass blowing has broken out of its traditional mold, so to speak, and become enjoyed by the masses as art in modern homes, commercial spaces, and art galleries.

Top Interior Design Trends of 2018

"The details, that's what the world is made of." ~ Wes Anderson

There is an artful balance of creating a space that is fresh and incorporates elements of what's on trend while also making it timeless and classic. Discover the latest interior design trends of 2018 and how you can apply them to your dream spaces to keep your home design interesting and personal.