A Guide to Interior Design for Special Events

Already, we've passed the halfway-mark for this year and sooner than you can say 'Cheers, darling!' party season will be upon us once more. It’s easy to be caught off-guard by the onslaught of events, and end-of-year dallying that we so look forward to throughout the year. The arrival of visiting friends and family dials up the pressure even more. Soon you find yourself frantically scrambling to bring together all the elements of your end-of-year event that you've envisioned hosting. Avoid having to endure a stressful soirée-season by seeking out the help of a professional and have your space ready for entertaining before the season arrives.

Remodeling Your Home for Reselling: Tips from an Expert

Too often, million-dollar mansions sit on the market for what seems like a lifetime without being bought. If you are in the process of trying to sell your luxury property or have been trying to do so for longer than you anticipated, you may want to consider remodeling. Here are some insider tips and expert advice to help prevent your property from stagnating on the property market.

The Judith Wilson Do's and Don'ts of Beachfront Home Design and Decor

Your beach home is a tranquil retreat, a home away from home, that you can entertain and relax in. It's also a space for entertaining guests, so you want to make sure it's inviting and has full amenities. Too often, we see beach homes go overboard on sea shells and starfish and instead of capturing the essence of tranquility, they're abrasively tacky. To make sure your island vacation home is beachy, yet still classy, here's a list of our beach house decoration tips. 

I've Decided to Build or Remodel, Now What?

There you are, standing in a pile of lumber, drywall, nails, and concrete with no idea how this is all going to come together to resemble a house. You, by now, are asking yourself, “Why didn't I hire an interior designer to answer all of the contractor’s copious questions?” The reason is simpler than one might imagine: the fear of the unknown.